Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blogger Diairies: Masoom R. Minawala

Blogger: Masoom R. Minawala

I started blogging because I was swept by the idea of posting outfits, expressing your style, your inspirations, opinions - it was just something I had to do.   
Favorite Indian Fashion Blog: Republic of Chic   
Favorite International Fashion Blog: Zarna's Runway   
Favorite Color: White   
Favorite Trend: Wide Legs   
Fashion Idol: None   
Favorite Designer: Jil Sander   
Favorite Store (Mall): H&M   
Favorite Cosmetics Brand: YSL   
One Styling Tip I swear by is Dress for yourself, always!

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Monday, 30 January 2012

How To Find Your Blogging Mojo

... And Keep It Going
Author: Jyoti from Style-Delights

Remember when you first started blogging - you were so punctual about writing, prompt to note down ideas, mentally editing your posts while driving and imagining your blog to be the next It read! If you are there, I congratulate you, please share your blog with me! But if you are yet to update the home page after 2 long weeks, you know you have gone off track somewhere. We all have ideas, and as humans are hard-wired to want to be heard! But either due to lack of time (read commitment) or lack of creative energy, we lose steam. I too have been a victim in past when I moved from Chicago to New York and got busy with settling down and acclimating to new settings. But what worked for me to get back on track was not finding the miraculous 25th hour in the day, but finding my blogging mojo! A little reflection on my reasons for blogging and writing goals put the perspective in black and white - and today I share with you how I got my groove back!

If you are reading this article on Indian Fashion Bloggers, you have already taken a big step to get your blogging mojo going - you have joined a community of bloggers to connect and generate ideas! Now get to work!

Blog what you like love - If you are someone your friends and family look for outfit ideas, do more outfit posts. Use your closet or even virtual closet on polyvore.com to create outfits. If you take amazing pictures, share your talent on your blog with unusual images! If you know how to take an everyday recipe up a notch, share it with the world! It is a cliché but timeless truth - when you do what you love, you do it best!

At the same time try something out of your comfort zone - Blogging is essentially finding your voice and sharing it with the world - sometimes to be heard and noticed you have to try new things! I am learning that too - I am not an outfit poster, but these days I am trying to post more of my looks on my blog - and learning new things about my own closet!

Network - So you have a great blog - how do I find it? In the end, blogging is all connecting and networking and sharing your ideas through it!  Are you a member of a blogging community? Are you 'friends' with other bloggers, share your posts with them? Do you post on forums in your niche? In a saturated market, it is very important to be seen and heard, again and again. If you know a blogger meet-up group, go mingle. Don't know one? Why not start one on meetup.com? During my journalism career, I learned an important thing - its all about eyeballs - good/bad/ugly will be judged later, but first GET OUT THERE!

Read - It is a very simple thing but we take it for granted! We make excuses for lack of reading reading as we make them for lack of blogging - no time, busy life, lots of 'other' things to do! But reading a book, a magazine, a blog, a website (specially in your niche) really stimulate the brain and let the creative juices flow! I am not suggesting to copy the content, but you will be surprised how many inspiring ideas you can come up with when you read.

Make a schedule for writing - I know creative writing is independent of the clock, but having a schedule for writing is as important as having a schedule for dinner. If you sit down with it, you will get hungry! Make an achievable goal of writing at least 2-3 posts a week. Use it or lose it is true for writing too! 

Make a vision board for your blog - Its corny sounding word - vision board! But believe me, if you see something in 3 dimensions, you are more likely to work on it. I was listening to Oprah's interview during her India visit and she said when she set the goal to visit India, she put a picture of a lady sitting on a camel in Indian desert on her vision board! Here is my humble vision board if you want to get some ideas! 

Be funny - Everybody loves a funny story, or a story that is told in a funny way! In the age of 140 characters or less, the funny ones get to be memorable. Write your posts with some humor and wit. Nobody wants to read a boring piece. Think of your posts as a conversation with your best friend - does s/he goes to sleep when you talk???

Be personal without being intimate- I love bloggers who share a slice of their life with me through their blogs. I like that I can relate to their perspective, share their humanity and understand their motives. But please don't go all out with TMI and stories about your dog's poop color (true story, burned in  my memory for all the wrong reasons - not naming names!)  Share the whys and whats and wheres of your ideas and style. It makes your blog an interesting read!

Be unique - As Dr Seuss said - "Nobody can be youer than you!" If you are true to your style, you will come up with fresh posts, engaging stories and share-worthy ideas.

But most importantly - have fun with blogging! It should be "love-to -do' job, not the 'have-to-do' job!!

What other ideas do you have to keep the blogging ball rolling?

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Monday, 16 January 2012

Story Board for Spring/Summer 2012

Summer 2012, A Season of Commitment
Author: Purushu from Designer Purushu

Faced with multiple "crises" of all types and of all times ñ social, economic, ecological. The human being has always had the formidable capacity of resisting, on one hand, and committing, on the other. Commitment is a marvelous force, rooted in the deepest part of the self, where conviction and our sense of responsibility draw upon the strengths and legitimacy of belonging to a group. Summer 2012 is a season under the sign of Commitment, as four themes illustrate this positive movement of individual and collective involvement.


GENESIS - The Naturalist Visionaries
The enormous focus on ecology is inciting designers of objects and garments alike to address the importance and richness of the organic world. A creative orientation that invites us to re-discover the foundations of Naturalism.

ITINERANCE - The Humanitarian Artisans
Todayís economic crisis is generating an overall increase in the insecurity of humans, which in turn, engages designers to create innovative products taking into account the limited resources of peoples in difficulty.
Itinerance explores humanitarian design as it strives to maximise the limited capacities for economic and stylistic adaptation inspired by nomadic lifestyles.

  POLYCHROMY - The Colour Expressionists
The publicís enthusiasm for cutting-edge developments in vision and perception (LED technology, 3-D imagery, heat-sensitive materials, etc.) is urging fashion and interior designers to develop new, increasingly high-impact visual principles.

OXYGEN - The Emotional Purists
The growing awareness of the world in light of the multiplication of health threats is stimulating the design of reassuring objects that may also contribute to improving the overall health of users.
Oxygen explores the notions of purity and well-being that are giving rise to a trend for design that is simultaneously romantic and clinical.

A spread of pastels associated with two, very soft naturals. A desire to accumulate and collect moments of innocence - like we might compose a wardrobe of wild and crazy layers in candid shades of colours. Baby blue and pink break free of their stereotypes!



The season that is being forwarded by naturalism has witnessed plenty of surface treatment in the forms of prints, laser cut work, applique, shine, shimmer and glitz. 


Key concept in prints were graphic, nature inspired animal, fruits and floral, paisley and graphic. While florals were seen at every third show this season, the ones seen at Christopher Kane, Giambattista Valli and Prada stood out in distinction. Animal prints were seen at Carolina Herrera and Manish Arora. Nature inspired paisley decorated the fabrics at Stella McCartney, Haider Ackermann, Jil Sander and JW Anderson. Mary Katrantzou's show was in fact a colourful riot of animal and aquatic inspired prints.


1. Parrots at Carolina Herrera

2. Florals at Chloe

3. Delicous fruits and vegetables at Dolce & Gabbana

4. Donna Karan's tribe

5. Graphic prints at Yves Saint Laurent

6. Paisley motifs seen at Haider Ackermann, Jil Sander, JW Anderson and Stella McCartney.


Fashion designers chose to deliciously decorate the surface using applique work. Applique surface details were seen in many shows this season including those of Christopher Kane, Dolce & Gabbana, Nicole Farhi, Prada and Valentino.


Pristine white cottons were laser cut keeping everything minimalistic yet highly interesting.


The models at Chanel, Manish Arora, Chanel, Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs, MaxMara and Reed Krakoff were adorned in shine and shimmer.


Spring/Summer 2012 has predominantly witnessed inspiration from various decades of the 20th century. Silhouettes from the 20s art-deco and 50s dominated the ramps. Dolce & Gabbana and Emilio Pucci pioneered in exposing the mid-riff like never before. Moving ahead from the lady-like dressing, sports inspired chic look has emerged as one of the biggest trends this season.

50S INSPIRED: Phoebe Philo's peplums and Dries Van Noten's sculptural silhouettes were clearly recalling the 1950s fashion era. 50s silhouettes were seen at likes of Gareth Pugh, Burberry, Carven, Donna Karan, Rick Owens and Meadham Kirchhkoff.

ART DECO: Electric form of elegant and stylish modernism flourished at Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Prada, Marchesa and Ralph Lauren.

FLASH THE ABS: Mid riffs exposed at Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Christopher Kane, Versace etc.

SPORTSTAR: Outerwear with a sporty spin!

Story board images: PROMOSTYL
Runway images: VOGUE.CO.UK

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Monday, 2 January 2012

Blogging Anecdotes

Blogging Anecdotes

Author: Tanvi from tanvii.com

Below is an account of some random blogging anecdotes. These are an honest narration of personal experience/opinion and definitely do not mean to be bitter or in bad taste.

1) Every story has multiple interpretations - When a blogger writes about his/her thoughts, opinion, fashion choices, styling tips, or anything at all under the sun ... it can be interpreted in ways that can out-count the number of stars in the sky. Hence, it is good to keep an open mind while reading a post or the response to the post.

2) Some bloggers suffer from a celebrity hangover - It is easy to lose ones path while blogging. Just because 'n' number of people follow they actually start believing they are 'virtual' celebrities and even worse, they start behaving like one too! Like Stevie said Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, I say - Say Grounded, Stay Real!

3) Not everyone lives up to their image - While everyone I have met and interacted with has been sweet and kind, but I cannot say they all met their 'perceived' image. Hence proven, do not judge a book by cover and do not judge a blogger by his/her blog! Its a double edged knife, can cut either way!

4) Bloggers like comments! - No matter what anyone says, everyone loves comment. One shouldn't blog in anticipation of receiving comments but hey! who are we kidding? Comments/feedback is what makes it worth while. So while some choose 'not to comment' they sure do like receiving them *hmmm*!

5) Creativity flows in abundance - One thing we cannot deny is blogging has opened a Pandora's box, not of troubles, but of out-flowing-creativity. Ever since I started blogging I have witnessed unparalleled innovation and originality than any other field, which is purely for the love and passion of blogging. There is seldom any financial gains. *seldom* 

Do share your personal anecdotes too!

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