Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Perfect Shot

I am sure all of us agree that blogging is a lot of hardwork and posting better every time is not so easy.  Outfit blogging is very different as you model for your own blog and as you know, posing is a difficult thing to do. We put in so much of efforts to put a look together but if the picture is not perfect, all the efforts go for a toss.  The points I am going to discuss below for getting the perfect pictures are based on my personal experiences and I believe will be beneficial to those who take their blog seriously and want to be professional outfit bloggers. Though, most of you may know most points...


Plan your date, time and location
- Fix and cross check the date and time with your photographer as last minute changes might upset you and the camera can easily capture your bad mood
- If you are working full-time, then shooting after work is not a good option, as your face will not have a fresh look. Choose a holiday or shoot after a half-day instead
- Shoot around a nearby mall. This way you can shoot two looks in a day by changing in the mall and you are done for a week or two
- Always plan your shoot between 4.30pm-6pm if you are shooting outdoors. This is the time when sunlight is at its best and is considered as the ‘Golden Time’ for shooting by professional photographers 
Make your face glow
- Sleep enough the night before because if you don’t your face looks tired and lifeless on the day of the shoot. Also, it will make your skin appear dull
- Do not spend much time in front of the computer or read too much and travel before shooting. The constant pressure on your eyes makes them appear sleepy and puffy. Fresh looking eyes make a great shot according to a photography research
Your Outfit
- Decide your outfit(s) a day in advance by trying them on including accessories and make up. This saves a lot of time and hassle on  the day of the shoot
- Pack your stuff neatly in a spacious bag for the next day
- Iron your clothes well. Camera captures every flaw and I am sure no one wants to have an untidy shoot
Grooming right
- Wash your hair the same day you want to shoot as this opens them up and make them look bouncy
- Start your make up an hour before you shoot. Rub 2 cubes of ice before applying make up for a soft glow
- Do not cake your face with makeup. It looks hideous on camera. Conceal the problem areas, open up your eyes with 3 coats of mascara and apply a good lip colour
- Carry a napkin, mascara, lip colour and comb/hairbrush with you for a quick touch up before your shoot

During the shoot

Choose the correct spot
- As soon as you reach the location, choose a suitable spot to shoot. Face opposite to the direction of the sunlight
- Take 4-5 test shots on that spot
- It is always good if the street is lonely, if not; do not care about the stares. “You are getting famous”
Touch yourself up
- Pat a dry napkin on your face and reapply your compact powder, mascara and lip colour if needed
- Stretch your clothes and make sure there is no crease on them
- Smile, but not always. Do what your look requires. If you are shooting a different theme for example military fashion, then a tough look can work well 
- Express through your eyes- formula for a beautiful shot
- Show 3/4th portion of your face and body in front of the camera. They always work. Most people have great shots with this portion. However, take full frontal shots as well
- If you have problem areas like big thighs etc, then hang your bag in such a way that it falls on the side of your thigh. This gives illusion of a slim body 
- Show as much as you can in every shot- your accessories, clothes etc. You have put so much effort in putting it together after all


Celebrate, you just shot!
- Go through your pictures the same day and shortlist the best pictures
- Edit your pictures the next day in a different frame of mind. If you are using a DSLR camera then the best software for editing is Capture One and if you are using a Digi camera then Photoshop
- Adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation several times before finalising on one
- Keep standard width of the picture 600 pixels, the height adjusts itself accordingly and save the picture for web
Write your post
- Order your pictures accordingly in the post
- Write the text with pictures and preview 3-4 times. Check everything
- Post

Phheewwwww.... Too much to do, isn’t it? But it’s worth it. A few months of my blogging experience has taught me this much so far. Hope it helps you guys as well... :) 

Author: Vidhi

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  1. Heyyyy gr8 post... very helpful one..
    Shooting between 4.30 to 6pm is indeed the best time to shoot as u get such amazing photographs that very little Photoshop is required later! :)
    Also may be u can add how many pics per post is reasonable... cos I'm always at a fix when it comes to tht!

  2. Hey Vidhi .... Very well written post ... It's not easy to manage a blog and take time out for shoots ... Only way out is iron clad discipline and planning .... But it's so worth it , isn't it :)

  3. @Delhi Style Blog
    Thank you :)
    Yes you are right, that's the only way and it is totally worth it!

  4. Great tips. :)
    They definitely going to be useful as I am going to start posting outfit posts soon.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. grt tips!! just that am too lazy to follow!!

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