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Fall/Winter 2012-13 Trend Report

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Everyone's been keeping their eye fixated on fashion websites, runways and FTV to see what the latest trends are straight off the runway. While we definitely agree with you on that, it can be quite tiresome to endlessly wait around figuring out the trends. We are here to the rescue, put together a compilation of the hot trends this Fall/Winter for you to incorporate in your future outfits and grab in your closet. Straight off the runway, we're going to let the pictures talk for themselves. 

Fall/Winter 2012-13 Trend Report

1. Velvet
Velvet has constantly been associated with luxury, and this season we got to see a lot of this fabric on the runway. Most of the designers seemed to add this to their collection and give it a royal, extremely luxurious effect. 

2. Embellishments
The runway saw sequins, giant stones, pearls and what not on the ensemble. Be it brocade or heavy stones, the designers went hoopla with a ton of embellishments to add instant glam quotient to the looks. 

3. Coats and blazers
The season saw the return of the classical coat and blazers, with huge gold buttons or classic pinned styles, we definitely saw a lot of designers using pea coats, trench coats and rib coats and blazers in their collections. A definite must considering the season calls for it as well right?

4. Knits 
While one automatically leans towards cozy and comfortable knits during fall/winter, the runway saw some jumpers and cable neck sweaters. Don't restrict yourself with the colours, go bold with the prints and don't be afraid to experiment with a variety in the knit section. Guaranteed comfort and style!

5. Faux Fur
Apart from the good old pastel and basic coloured shawls, jackets that are usually seen in faux fur this time around the runways, there was a sudden onset of crazy and wilder colours for the faux fur trend. Again, the hint is: Be fearless with this trend. 

6. Structure
We saw that there was quite some play with the structure of the attire this season. Some designers chose to layer with over-sized jackets, coats and cardigans; while some chose to keep it lean and chiseled with the dresses. It definitely is your call as to where you would like to head. 

7. Shakespearean era
The season saw the onset of Shakespearean era, embroidered dresses, pastel hues and long flowy gowns. Go dig your grandma's closet to find some hidden treasures! 

8. Oxblood/Wine
The most obsessed about trend this season is the Oxblood/Wine trend. While the designers didn't lay off the colour, it was seen everywhere. While some used it accessorizing, others went all out and used it to define their collection. Everyone's trying to get their hand on shades of wine. Go ahead for purples, burgundy and true oxblood/wine colour this season.

9. Military
Military is back with a bang. Be it military style coats and jackets, or the colours and camouflage pants. Everyone has begun incorporating the military effect in their wardrobe. Zara has even come out with some military pieces and everyone now wants their hands on their own. 

10. Asian
Asian prints, styles and designs were pretty evident on the runway. Be it hairstyles or collars, from the roots of the ethnicity, to the colours and shades used. A lot of Asian and in particular Chinese influences were seen this season. 

11. Leather
Another big trend this season was the leather, everyone was seen doing this trend and many fashion bloggers have already begun leather-ing their way into the trend. 

While that doesn't sum up the entire scene, it definitely gives you a look into some of the best and most popular and visible trends this season. We also noticed a lot of ruffles, lace, sheer, gold, shimmer, suits (work wear), bold and bright colours on the runway. Not to forget the tie-dye, funky collars, bold lips, sleek hairdos. 

What do you think of the trends this season? How do you plan on wearing them?

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