Friday, 26 October 2012

How Bloggers do the "Bling" trend

From the InFB desk

Sometimes we cringe and hate when we see something and after a span of time you start loving it, does this happen to you? I remember a year back when we were busy trousseau shopping for my sister I would cringe at seeing all the bling and glitter and now I am searching for a cute sequin tee. (suggestions will be highly appreciated)

Sequin has its own set of lovers and haters, we can easily find out people who still hate all the glitter and bling. In my opinion, good styling options are what we need to change the opinion of the haters ( all in favour say aye!) Bling is always associated with parties, glam, disco and everything show-sha's but I was pleasantly surprised to see our bloggers doing the trend differently, that too in the day time, yes! you heard it right.

Here's my plan to change your opinion about the 'Bling' trend and for those who love it, here are some ideas to experiment:

Author: Heli

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  1. love bling...

  2. I so wanna own atleast one apparel in bling.
    Lemme see how.
    thanks for the inspiration :)


  3. i got my best friend one such fabulous sweater from mango a couple of days ago..for her birthday!

  4. ok my mum was standing behind me and said "these girls are so smart and pretty..they are your blogger friends right?"...haha!now she thinks i know all bloggers personally..:P

  5. Glitter always takes the glam quotient a notch up :)