Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Style Idol #1

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InFB is always looking out to put forth new posts and a variety when it comes new series posts on the blog for our loyal InFB-ites. This time we have a new series in store for you called The Style Idol Series. Every now and then we will post a new male or child style icon with their various ensembles and reasons why they are considered or should be considered a style idol.

Nowadays women aren't the only one strutting around showing off their style, a lot of men and children have joined the bandwagon and being style dissectors how can we ignore it? We definitely will put our magnifying eyes to great use and try and bring forth fashion and style for all!

The Style Idol- David Beckham 
When you say Male Style Idol, the first person that pops up is definitely Mr Beckham himself. It is extremely admirable that someone like Beckham can be an inspiration to a lot of men out there to never fear experimenting with various things. From an array of hairstyles, to appearing in a lot of fashion magazines. Boots, tattoos, caps, suits and what not. This man is definitely a fashion forward person!
Something that stands out is how he always seeks to change and reinvent himself and his look. In fact this is what makes him a style idol.

From his famous tattoos, to his chunky wristbands. Oh and how can we forget how he rocks his whites? Also a stubble looks good on very few people. He definitely is one of them!

A mohawk! David Beckham is bold and daring and he won't fear to experiment. He tried on a mohawk and his fans literally hooted. 

Luckily enough found a collage of all his hairstyles. This is what you call donning many faces in one life. He makes the statement literal and has experimented constantly with his looks reinventing his fresh self and giving us something to look forward to every time yet keep us guessing as to what is next. Boys, take a hint and don't be afraid to experiment, if you know you can rock it then everyone will believe so. 

How can we forget to include his famous suits? David Beckham has always taken the red carpet and events by storm wearing the smartest suits. Something to remember when you wear a suit is that the fitting has to be right and he always keeps this in mind and rocks the formal look too! Don't miss out the perfect ties he wears every single time.

The plaid shirt look is a wonderful one that Beckham is often seen wearing. In this one he's worn a baseball cap and paired the look with a satchel as well as sporty shoes, definitely a win right?

The below look is one of his most famous stylespirations of a denim jacket, casual white tee, a beanie and a backpack. The perfect casual look yet stylish and doesn't look too lazy. Trust Beckham as he gets it right every single time. 

Be it a casual shirt with jeans or a dressy look, the airport look or the event look, Beckham is someone who will wear everything with panache and style. Hence he definitely is a Style Idol to watch out for! 

Author: Sonshu

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