Saturday, 25 August 2012

How to do Indian Fusion?

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Since our school days we were always taught that India is a diverse country, we always have boasted upon the fact that how all the cultures and castes stay together in one country. India can be rightly said as land of festivals, we celebrate all the festivals with much rom pom. Before you start thinking that this post is about India and being a proud Indian, let me get back to the topic. Yeah so India has a rich heritage culture and we as a nation are making our presence felt in every nook and corner of the world. Getting back to fashion, many of the leading design houses have been inspired by our country and have offered us the most amazing pieces. Christian Loboutin, Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermes to name few.

The current trends, the bold use of colour, bohemian chic, some way or the other can be related to Indian style. There is no set of fix rules or do's and don't's which you can follow to carry off this look with flair. No tried and tested formula, just confident experimentation!

Now I'll let a few pictures do the talking, depicting some amazing Indian-Fusion styles.

Are you ready for the Indian Fusion Remix on 5th September? More details, here!

Author: Heli via Earthen Weaves

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  1. The silver jewellery is ah-mazing!!!

  2. Hi There...Reached your blog while searching for something and found it to be really nice, engaging and beautiful...True Indian colors...Keep doing the good work girls!!!

  3. I love the Pink Christian Louboutin Pumps..

    They also come in Black, Gold and Turquoise...