Monday, 21 May 2012

How to become a Blogger?

Tough Love, Blogging!
Author: Tanvi from
A lot of people are intimidated to enter the blogging world. I assume, because they have been long time silent readers and now they worry that how would they break the glass ceiling. I think whining is not a solution to anything. There are some harsh truths to be accepted and some courageous decisions to be made by everyone who decides to enter this prada-eats-gucci-world of Fashion Blogging!
1. Get comfortable in your own skin. The camera is not going to come and bite you, just 'think diva', stand up straight and own what you are wearing. After all you put the outfit together so might as well wear it confidently?

2. Blog for yourself. If you blog for numbers or for the audience you will fail. There is a difference between journalism and blogging and the difference is personality. Journalism is about the topic or the platform you are writing for where as blogging is for yourself. Even so many journalists choose to blog, because they cannot speak their mind on their 'professional' platform.

3. Behave like you do in real life. Social Media has simply become an extension of one's life. It is no more an anonymous space where you hide-from-the-world-and-share-your-secrets. Treat everyone the way you treat people in real world. If you wouldn't say it to a person's face or openly in public then don't say it in your comments or tweets. It will only reflect badly on you, as a human being!

4. Not everyone is your friend. Every blogger cannot be your best friend you hang out with. If someone has been blogging for a long time then the chances are that they have already found their groove and are friends with bloggers whom they started out with. Just like in real life you might not be best friends with people a couple of years older to you. Are there exceptions to the rule? Of course, yes! But can you be the exception to EVERY rule? No! 

5. Jealousy is not the best policy; Honesty is! It is okay to envy other people's success but don't define your life or its journey with it. If someone has their share of success, then they also have their share of drama. Not everyone wishes to share their troubles with the world, and rightly so. Focus on yourself and life will get easier and worthwhile.

And once you have all this figured out, it is quite an amazing and supportive community - fashion blogging.
Mantra: You just need to be yourself. 
Happy Blogging!

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  1. Thats a great post Tanvi…most days I cant even muster a few words on my blog and when that happens, its almost easy to give up on bloggng..but then comes along an encouraging post like this and reaches out a hand..thanks once again

  2. It was really the time to put this post up. Well written, Tanvi. I especially like the last point. I often think some people's life are so perfect but I know one thing for sure that they've also had their share of imperfection. Blogging is truly about yourself and your life and one must not get intimidated by the fact that so and so person has so many followers and comments on their posts. All in all, this post teaches a lot. Great work!

  3. Its important to be myself-thanks for the reminder!

    ITs easy to get carried away trying to be someone you are not, on seeing the success of your fellow bloggers!

    Thanks tanvii:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  4. So well-written Tanvi ! Staying true to yourself on your blog is the most important part :)

  5. You nailed it!!!! And commenting on your blog post after ages feels gooood!!! :)


  6. Great post!! Being yourself is the only way to long term HAPPY blogging! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!
    Style-Delights Blog

  7. Bang on Tanvi! And after all, it's coming from you. It's important for bloggers to be what they are instead of wearing a mask which is not even their own.
    Loved it <3
    Much love!

  8. That's very well written Tanvi..indeed some great and valuable blogging lessons. 'Being Yourself' should be your blogging mantra as well as your attitude. It is very important to recognize and accept this as a community so that one can learn from the success of others than feeling jealous or being meaninglessly critical.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. amazing post as always tanvi...

  10. Great post Tanvi - Infact you mentioned few of the points, which everyone must have encountered or will be encountering during their blogging journey. Be true, be simple and let destiny decide what and how much we deserve. Great work can't be ignored :)


  11. "If someone has their share of success, then they also have their share of drama. Not everyone wishes to share their troubles with the world, and rightly so. Focus on yourself and life will get easier and worthwhile."

    hmmm :) Thanks :)