Monday, 2 April 2012

How to personalize your blog?

Make your blogging more personal & engage your readers.
Author: Chandana from The Girl at First Avenue

We all love bloggers with a fantastic sense of style. And when such a blogger is also capable of making you smile or burst into giggles, that’s just icing on the cake. Here’s how you can add a personal/humorous touch to your posts.

1) Make up a story
You are wearing your prettiest skirt and blouse, you have stunning pictures ready to post but your mind draws a blank at what to write. Spin a yarn! Make up a story about how you met your skirt (just don't make it as long as HIMYM). Add a fun element to your post. Being silly sometimes helps!

2) Share your thoughts/ opinions
Read an interesting article yesterday? Saw a tweet that sparked off a debate in your mind? You have a few more points to add to someone else's post?
Make a post out of it (and give credit to the source). If you want to personalize your fashion blog, you don't always have to talk about fashion. Let your readers into your mind. Let them know your way of thinking, your opinions on issues.

3) Add a bit of humor
Make people laugh. Sarcasm, satire, and witty one-liners - they all work!

4) Make fun of yourself
This is an instant icebreaker. There is nothing more delightful than knowing the other person is as big a klutz as you are. Readers will connect to you and love you instantly. But don't go overboard and sound like a fool!

5) Skip writing boring and monotonous descriptions about your clothes
"I decided to wear my new shoes for the party. I paired it with so and so and completed the look with this and that...". I've already skipped reading and gone to the next blog after a quick look at your pictures. If you want comments which are more meaningful than just 'Nice post' or 'Awesome outfit', you've got give more meaningful content.

6) Do not use 'Hey lovelies' or 'Hey dolls' when starting a post.
This might be my personal opinion, but addressing people that way is NOT called personalizing your blog. 'Hi everyone' works just fine. Better yet, you can simply start off without anything. "So I was on my way to work yesterday when the most odd thing happened..." See? Start off like you would start a conversation with a friend.

7) Scriptwriting
This is my favorite and is totally fun to read.
Had a hilarious conversation with your friend? Overheard two people talk about something really funny?
Writing, "I said" "She said" posts are really fun to read.
Like this one for example.
Monica : Rach, its the visa card people
Rachel : Oh, God ask them what they want!
Monica : Could you please tell me what this is in reference to? Yes hold on.
Umm.. they say there's been some unusual activity on your account
Rachel : But I haven't used my card in weeks
Monica : That is the unusual activity

Just don't quote FRIENDS, but write your own conversation. Keep it light-hearted and have fun with words! 

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  1. Word up! I totally agree, bloggers who focus on their completely/primarily on their garments, don't make me want to read the posts, unless it's something interesting. The whole "I saw this on J.Crew and I knew I had to have it" isn't that compelling.

    Good advice lovelies. ;) Just kidding!


  2. Nothing can beat good writing! Even on a fashion blog!
    Thanks for the lovely tips! Will keep them in mind while blogging! :)

  3. Great tips!! Perfect for making your blog a fun read! :)

  4. yes u r right…I have made the mistake myself..tho i started off with some humor..over the nights I slipped into being monotonous..thks for snapping me back

  5. Hahahaha I echo each and every word in this post! Brilliant job Chandana :)

  6. Nice post! Quite informative. It was an interesting read.

  7. now that's some real advise... Interesting. I shall try to incorporate these tips on my blog.