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How to brand your blog on Facebook?

Optimize the use of Facebook to reach your readers
Author: Tanvi from

Anything on Facebook is like a virus. It spreads, and how! If you "like" something your friends can see that, then if they "like" it too their friends can see that, and so on and so forth. The engagement on Facebook is strong and accountable, unlike page views and blog hits. Facebook has a large audience which can give your blog longevity and increase your readership. And slowly but surely Facebook leads will turn into page views on your blog, eventually.

Earlier this year I had asked bloggers to share their 'Facebook Stories' on the InFB Fan Page. Kavya from Be Me said, "In my opinion, branding on Facebook is easier than on your blog . Not many people are acquainted with wordpress/blogger to frequent there and view your blog. Facebook makes it easier to reach the audience." I agree with her, Facebook allows you to attract non-blogger audience which might be interested in your content and result in much more word-of-mouth publicity. Priyanka Gill of eStylista also shared my views, "Facebook connects all your friends (and their friends) to your blog. It presents your blog to people who are most likely to be interested in reading it (in the first instance). For my blog - Facebook is one of the biggest sources of page views."

But doesn't mean that Facebook is for professional-bloggers only. It is a great 'real-time' medium to interact with your audience, as Asta from Cactus and Cucumber puts it, "I opened a fan page because its more personal. People who like my blog can know me better and there's more communication. Overall, its great fun!" but the best is the honesty of Jenny from I know, right? "Honestly, I only created my Facebook page because I wanted to look cool. I saw so many other bloggers with Facebook pages and got a bit jealous. It seemed so professional. I'm really glad I did make one, because it ended up being a huge help. Now all my non-Blogger friends can catch up on my posts as easily as my followers!"

Another view of seeing Facebook as an alternate for Blog Posts is shared by Prathishta from Shot Couture, "One can add experience enriching features on the Facebook page, like fashion related quotes and polls, keeping the readers engaged on a day to day basis, even if you post less frequently on the blog itself."

If you are STILL not convinced about the benefits of a Facebook Fan Page, let me give it a last shot: 
1. Readers can post questions, upload pictures, share links on Facebook, making it the best medium to interact with your audience, in a way that no other platforms has been able to. Blogging is a two-way street and Facebook helps us maintain that.

2. Your blog post shows up on readers' Facebook news feed.

3. Facebook is user friendly and well connected, making it easiest way for people to share your page, and/or to find you. Whenever you receive a comment, it also shows up on the person's feed making it visible to his/her friends.

4. New Facebook upgrades allow you to tag people and also other Facebook pages in your post that leaves your Fan-Page's footprints all over the Facebook network, leading back to you, i.e your blog!

5. Facebook is the easiest way to create and look at Picture albums. Personally I use Facebook Albums as online Photo Diaries. I have one for my shoes, one for my accessories, one for Outfits from each year that I have been blogging - making it extremely easy for my readers (and myself) to find anything I am looking for in a few seconds.

Do you use Facebook Fan Page for your Blog? 
If not, are you convinced to start one?

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  1. Tanvi, do you think it's worth it/necessary to have a Fanpage? I post all my blog posts on my Facebook wall publicly, so they can be seen by anyone. What do you think?


    1. Natasha, I do not think it is 'necessary' to have a Fanpage but it is definitely proven strategy to engage your readers and broaden your reader base. However, having a Fan Page also means that you will be committing a certain about of time to keep it active and also respond to any comments/queries there. It is better to not have one than to have a Dead-Page.

      Having it on your Facebook Wall publicly is not that beneficial as everyone will have to become your friend to leave any feedback or even find you. They recognize your blog name so they will probably be searching for that and not your personal profile.

      Hope I answered your questions.

      ∞ © ∞

  2. Loved this post Tanvi! And of course given your FB page success, I am sure all these tips will be so valuable and helpful to all InFB members!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  3. well in facebook language "Liked" good post tanvi.. definitely facebook is a good networking tool.

  4. I need more like buttons to like this post and want to share with all of my FB fan :D....btw...really awesome post Tanvi, will be a great help !:-)

  5. Great tips, Tanvi!! I do like the way you post a lot of little 'extras' on your facebook page, it really makes it all the more interesting!!

  6. Oh this post was so lovely. Makes a lot of sense :)

  7. To be honest..I was cool with blogging and I realized FB page is so important :( After one year of blogging I created FB Page..just 2 months back :( Once upon a time I never bothered about FB Page.


  8. So true! Facebook is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing social networking site we have seen and FB page is important for a blogger. There are some pictures that dont make it to the blog posts, but they always have some space on my FB page timeline. Loved the post Tanvi :)

    Lotsa love

  9. Great post Tanvi! Appreciate your efforts in consolidating the info about Facebook's capability.

    I have been active in blogging world for about a month now and had started my FB fan page right away. Initially, I asked my friends to check out my blog and also like my page on Facebook. I got a few likes and I was happy with that.

    But FB idea is really cool. I never knew that I would have people from places around the globe visiting my blog. When I got 'likes' from countries like Egypt, Japan etc, I realized how great an idea it was to have a FB fan page!

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  10. I do not have a facebook page! I've never started one cos I haven't told many people about my blog and dont want them to know too. And I'm not sure I will be able to manage two fb accounts..the page and my personal account.

  11. Nice article. I also have a facebook page, though my blog is quite new, but still no doubt FB is a good platform to increase the readership.