Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blogger Diaries: Sonu Bohra

Blogger: Sonu Bohra

I started blogging because It started as a way to express myself through my outfits as well as connect with people with similar interests.   
Favorite Indian Fashion Blog: Don't Shoe Me &   
Favorite International Fashion Blog: Cupcakes & Cashmere
Favorite Color: Black   
Favorite Trend: Maxi Lengths
Fashion Idol: My Mom   
Favorite Designer: Anamika Khanna   
Favorite Store (Mall): Zara   
Favorite Cosmetics Brand: Bourjois   
One Styling Tip I swear by is Dress to be comfortable. Period!

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  1. i love it when u say ur mom is ur fashion idol :)

  2. I love Fashion Bombay! Sonu you are the best!

    @InFB - just a suggestion. Maybe u can include interviews of upcoming bloggers (instead of big names like fashionbombay and stylefiesta tht v already know n follow :)) Wud b nice to find new blogs n interesting reads.
    Or u can continue this interviews n start new weekly feature - 'upcoming style blogs in india'.
    It is always same blogs tht r in spotlight.

    1. Jaya - Thank you for your feedback. The idea of these particular series is to celebrate the bloggers who have given quality and content already on their blogs. We will definitely be working on new posts to showcase new bloggers as well.

  3. And that is what we see in Fashion Bombay-Dress to be comfortable!

  4. Anamika Khanna!
    I double on that. She is simply incredible!