Monday, 2 January 2012

Blogging Anecdotes

Blogging Anecdotes

Author: Tanvi from

Below is an account of some random blogging anecdotes. These are an honest narration of personal experience/opinion and definitely do not mean to be bitter or in bad taste.

1) Every story has multiple interpretations - When a blogger writes about his/her thoughts, opinion, fashion choices, styling tips, or anything at all under the sun ... it can be interpreted in ways that can out-count the number of stars in the sky. Hence, it is good to keep an open mind while reading a post or the response to the post.

2) Some bloggers suffer from a celebrity hangover - It is easy to lose ones path while blogging. Just because 'n' number of people follow they actually start believing they are 'virtual' celebrities and even worse, they start behaving like one too! Like Stevie said Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, I say - Say Grounded, Stay Real!

3) Not everyone lives up to their image - While everyone I have met and interacted with has been sweet and kind, but I cannot say they all met their 'perceived' image. Hence proven, do not judge a book by cover and do not judge a blogger by his/her blog! Its a double edged knife, can cut either way!

4) Bloggers like comments! - No matter what anyone says, everyone loves comment. One shouldn't blog in anticipation of receiving comments but hey! who are we kidding? Comments/feedback is what makes it worth while. So while some choose 'not to comment' they sure do like receiving them *hmmm*!

5) Creativity flows in abundance - One thing we cannot deny is blogging has opened a Pandora's box, not of troubles, but of out-flowing-creativity. Ever since I started blogging I have witnessed unparalleled innovation and originality than any other field, which is purely for the love and passion of blogging. There is seldom any financial gains. *seldom* 

Do share your personal anecdotes too!

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  1. I really like reading comments and feedback from my followers.
    Even if it is criticism, I take it as a way to improve my blog and be better the next time!

    Completely in agreement with this post - Brilliantly written Tanvi :)

  2. Agreed Tanvii! Even I love receiving comments, it gets me a better view of what the readers like and what all they would like to see on my blog!

    The points are pretty bang-on.

    Love it!

  3. as i m new to blogger..i think i enjoy comments a little more!!!

  4. I agree on points 2 and 4.

    Being down to earth always builds a close relationship with the opposite person.

    I am new to blogging and I love to see comments/feedback on my posts.

    Deepika <3

  5. Hey
    started reading about content creation and came across this link
    though it was insightful...

  6. Staying down to earth is key while blogging. It's interesting that not all bloggers fit their 'perceived' image. Wonder what my image is?? Good post Tanvi!