Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Power Of Twitter

Author: Tanvi from tanvii.com

If you are not already on twitter, then think again - It is, after all, the third most popular social medium, after Facebook & YouTube. In fact, it is the number one marketing tool being used by most companies, so how can you be too-cool-for-twitter?

Twitter has formed itself in to the breeding ground of breaking news, as well as special promotions. Twitter is like the photocopying room at an office, you have to hang round that room at least once a day, to know what is going on in the office. The information your gain there is not available elsewhere in the office, right?

 One can also call Twitter, the best of two worlds - chatting-and-facebook ing! You can interact with your audience without, having to hang around or an obligation of a response.

A quick 101 on Twitter:

- Use @ sign before the handle on the person to tweet directly. e.g. If you wanted to tweet directed to the Indian Fashion Bloggers you will start with @_InFB (our handle)
- Follow the influential people in the field of your interest. e.g. If I were a pilot, I will make sure I follow all the airlines. 
- Have an opinion! If you wish to gain followers then interact with the people you follow and do not hesitate to reply to their tweet with your thoughts. 
- Do not whine, complain or be negative all the time. Twitter (tweeps) wouldn't like it [:P]
- Do not tweet anything, that you wouldn't say in real life!
- Be funny, witty and engaging. Twitter will love you, and vice-versa!

Some simple ways to engage your audience on twitter:

  • Tweet each time you post to promote your blog (try not to do this more than 2 times per post). Be sure to shorten your URL in the tweet.
  • Tweet pictures of things that are going around you. Things like 'where you are', new shopping spree, other interesting aspects of your life/blog.
  • Once you’ve built up sufficient numbers of followers, use Twitter to perform quick polls about absolutely anything under the sun! Cheap, fast input from your readers/fan base!
In the world of social media, if you are not on twitter, then you are practically non-existent! 
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  1. those are simple but very good tips...
    useful post Tanvi:)

  2. Totally true! Then again, I am also a twitter addict, so...;) xx

  3. Absolutely. I know I should use it more.

  4. Totally true, am on twitter too- being a designer i tweet my stuff... but the funny part is am not at all/ can't be funny, witty and engaging :((

  5. Great post, Tanvii!
    You sure hit the target effortlessly on this one!

  6. Congratulations on the new collaborative effort.

    Nice tips as usual.

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  8. Very true! I've become a twitter addict! I tweet abt anything under the sun. And I am guilty of cribbing at times. Its a grt way to know fellow bloggers.