Monday, 15 August 2011

How To Build Traffic To Your Blog?

Build Traffic To Your Blog
Author: Tanvi from

Building traffic to a Fashion Blog is quite different from building traffic to any other type of blog (technological, political,  editorial, etc). People visit a fashion blog for both or either of the two reasons:

1) They connect with the blogger's style
2) They connect with the blogger's personality
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Therefore it is important to stay true to both. However, there are some practical measures you can take to build that relationship with your readers. 
  • Easy to read template: The key is to keep the blog simple and easy to read. Avoid graphic fonts, bright colors and dark background. A clean and organized template is most likely to make the reader come back, if they like your blog.
  • Don't over-feed your posts: Try and post about one topic per post or one outfit per post. Talking about too many different things in the same post is most likely to confuse the reader. You want to engage them and not confuse.
  • Quality over Quantity: If you are an OFTD (Outfit of the Day) Blogger then it is important to post good quality pictures and present them in an organized fashion. Even if you own a basic camera, the focus should be on posting pictures which highlight our outfit. More than 5 pictures, showing more or less the same aspects of your outfit, is probably too much.
  • Leave Genuine Feedback: It is better to follow few blogs and leave genuine comments than follow 100 blogs and leave comments like 'Great Post' or 'You look nice'. You have to take a moment to read the post because it is possible that the pictures posted are not that of the blogger or the content of the post is not some thing that can be replied to as 'Great post'. If you make this error then you have lost that one potential reader forever. 
  • Build a relationship: Blogging is like any other relationship which requires an investment of time. Connect with your readers on Facebook/Twitter, respond to their questions, and always keep the dialogue open. Don't start blogging for the wrong reasons i.e free gifts or compliments, in fact, be honest with your style, feedback and opinions. Your readers can gauge the 'real' you.
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    1. I'm happy to be the first to comment! Yay [:D]

      I totally agree with you when you say that people visit blogs to either connect with the blogger's personality or style. As a reader of many many blogs, I tend to visit the blogs that I can relate to, more than anything else. :)

      Anyway, I hope to see more posts coming from you guys!

    2. Nice Tips...great post...hahhaha!!
      Hey genuinely that's quite informative... I feel its also important to give a direction to your should be for a particular niche,catering specific needs and not targeting masses at a time posting about everytjing/anything that's in your house/neighbourhood/mind for that you agree??

    3. So true :)
      I usually take one topic per post to keep it simple and easy.
      Also, I follow only the blogs which I can relate to :D

    4. I am 100% behind "leave genuine feedback" and "quality over quantity"! I have been reading A LOT of fashion blogs lately, and sometimes they're terrible at both situations. I'm sure they're nice people, but if someone is posting 10 photos of them struttin' around in their teeny-bikini, I find it hard to want to leave a comment.

    5. Spot on, Tanvi.

    6. nice tips ..... i think if we do this we get more traffic.....

    7. Nice tips, but you forgot one point, the blogger has to be as awesome as you! :D

    8. I'm new to blogging and I'll definitely keep your tips in mind! I think I'll start by posting less often

    9. i can't believe i never came across this are one of the bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog:)such usefull tips thankyou so much:)

    10. Lovely tips. I agree with your 'leave genuine feedback' because on one of my post where I posted my friends style, many bloggers thought it was me:| In the post I had introduced her by her name and as my friend. Hope they read the content.

    11. Amen to that Tanvi! This post is important. Especially the 'leave a genuine feedback' and 'Quality over quantity' part. Thanks Muchos for this post! :)