Monday, 29 September 2014

World's Most Attractive Women? India #5 in the World and #1 in Asia

GirlsOnAMap, a travel website designed for bachelors, announced the first data-driven map of ratings of the most attractive ethnicities around the world. Over 60,000 people from more than 90 countries contributed ratings of women based on pictures – no celebrities or models allowed – uploaded by the GirlsOnAMap community of men and women. The released map charts the cumulative average of the ratings of all the women in a given country to form a composite score.

“If someone were to ask you, ‘where in the world are the most attractive – or hottest – girls?’ you almost certainly would have a skewed opinion, since you, and everyone around you, has never been to every country in the world,” said Kevin Leu, Founder and CEO of OnAMap. “This is the first big data-driven chart that demonstrates the results of an open and cumulative process to all people and their ratings around the world.”

The map features data on over 60 countries. Norway ranked as the number one-rated country beating out number two Lithuania by more than .2% points. The first Asian country listed, India, came in at number five. The first South American country, Argentina, came in at number twelve, five spots above rival Brazil. The United States came in at number twenty-four. Individual users can go to the site and rate to find out their own personal tastes on women around the world. A top list will form in the user’s profile.
“There’s always been these arbitrary top-ten lists of most attractive ethnicities – or countries – but the list is compiled by one person or a select group of people,” said Leu. “Further complicating the matter, most of these people use a celebrity as their criteria for selection. GirlsOnAMap is a site for real women you’ll see on the streets and the quantitative data that has been lacking – until now.”

Top 10 Most Attractive Countries Based on Women:
1. Norway
2. Lithuania
3. Poland
4. Switzerland
5. India
6. Sweden
7. Iceland
8. Iraq
9. Belgium
10. Hungary

To see the composite scores of the countries – on a scale of 1 to 10 – plus the rankings of the other countries, view the attached map and/or visit for more info on the study.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

5 Ways to Overcome Gymtimidation

5 Ways to Overcome Gymtimidation
 By Alejandro Chaban

1) Problem: LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: You're there and you have no idea how to use the machines or all of those weird balls. The only thing you see is all those expert people jumping from one machine to the next and you just stare at them with a confused look on your face without knowing where to start.
SOLUTION: Invest in one session with a personal trainer that can show you how to use the machines work and design a specific routine for you. Another option that's cheaper is to go on You Tube and look for different video tutorials that show you how to work every muscle and even learn fun cardio routines to practice at home.

2) Problem: COMPETITION: Getting to the gym the first few days and looking at the girl next to you and wanting to compete with her is a VERY bad idea. The only thing you're going to do with this is feel bad if you can't keep up with her.
SOLUTION: Don't compare yourself to anybody. Your only competition is yourself. You don't know the other girl's story, what drives her and how long she's been doing this.

3) Problem: PUBLISH YOUR TRAINING: When we're first starting we want EVERYONE to know what we're doing and we share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other way we can think of. This causes us to spend more time on our phones than actually working out.
SOLUTION: Leave your phone in the locker or use it only to listen to music. Stop telling the world you're going to work out and just WORK OUT! I'm guilty of taking a few selfies here and there but I try not to and always tell myself FOCUS ALEJANDRO! At the end of the day if you don't work out you won't have any results to share.

4) Problem: WRONG CLOTHES: This doesn't mean that you should get the most expensive and trendy clothes for the gym, it's about having the right underwear, pants, shoes and socks. This is important for you to feel comfortable, confident and to avoid injuries. I used to go to the gym with those huge heavy cotton shirts that were always 3 sizes bigger, when I saw myself in the mirror I got even more depressed and lost all my motivation. WATCH IT! It's not about being naked in public LOL.

5) Problem: SIMPLICITY: When you go to the gym try to take as less things as possible, I used to take a padlock, water, my phone, an ipod, a bag, towels, mi protein shake my wallet, a book and 40 different things. This just made me lose my focus and I always ended up losing stuff.
SOLUTION: Try to take as little as possible and leave everything in the locker.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Summer Proof Your Skin

The long-awaited summer is just around the corner. However, before we head out to soak in the Vit. D let's prepare our skin and protect it from the potential damaged. We have these tips straight from the horses' mouth, aka Sirisha Singh, one of the leading dermatologists, who suggests the following to achieve a glowing and healthy summer skin. 

1. Quit Smoking

Besides the fact that it is injurious to your health, nicotine has the potential to kill the skin. Nicotine causes thinning of blood vessels in the skin. Therefore lesser amount of oxygen is available to the skin which affects the ability of the skin to renew and regenerate. Over a period of time this hastens aging of the skin. Many heavy smokers also suffer from "fag lines" which are lines that radiate out from the outer edge of the lips. 

2. Never Miss Your SPF

This comes a close second to nicotine in terms of skin sins. Cumulative UV exposure over years adds up to significant skin damage and adds years to the skin. The UV light causes pigmentation of the skin, damages the collagen (the elastic tissue) of the skin and in extreme cases also has the potential to cause skin cancers.

3. Remove Make-up Before Bed

During the night, the skin rejuvenates itself. The temperature of the skin goes up a notch and the pores open up. Hence it is vital to cleanse the skin at night to unplug the pores and use night creams or vitamin rich creams overnight as they penetrate better at night. Wearing make-up to bed clogs the pores and can cause break-outs of pimples. Over a period of time, the cumulative damage may cause the skin to appear lackluster.

4. Lead a Stress-free Life

During stress, our body releases a hormone called cortisol. This reduces the blood supply to the skin and over a period of time, the skin may appear dull, sallow and may also develop acne. There is no single solution for stress, each one of us has to devise their own coping strategy which may be yoga, breathing exercises, walking or going to the gym.

5. Never Skip Sleep

The term "beauty sleep" is not a myth. It is based on scientific facts. During sleep, our body releases growth hormone. This hormone helps the skin to heal itself and adds a healthy glow. People who do not get the required amount of sleep or people who have a poor quality sleep often do not produce enough of this hormone and can as a consequence have dull skin which also ages faster.

6. Eat Healthy

During summers, the heat and UV rays cause significant oxidative damage to skin and other organs. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants, which help in combating this damage. If our intake of anti-oxidants in the diet is inadequate, there is extensive damage to cells which is manifested as accelerated aging.

Most of us have committed some sin or the other at various points in our lives. The point is that these sins if not controlled and if committed over prolonged periods of time can cause significant damage which is irreparable. However, we should point out that cheating for one day in a month is insignificant. So, try and avoid these sins for great looking and glowing skin this summer.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How Bloggers Do Crop Top

This world has been divided in to two parts. One, that loves crop tops and flaunt them at every given opportunity, and the other part, which also loves crop tops but is wishing for washboard abs so that they could wear crop tops. For the other part of the world, that's still wishing to flaunt crop tops, you have landed at the right place!! As for the first half, sneak in for ahh-mazing ways to wear your crop tops.

Few pointers to keep in mind while trying a crop top:

Wear it only if you feel confident about it. No need to wear it because its the most 'in' thing.
Pick a crop top according to your body type. You need not wear mid-riff baring crop tops.
Slouchy paints, high waisted bottoms, blazers and capes are crop tops' best friends!
Invest in classic pieces which you can wear along with western wear, as well as with 'six yards of grace'.

A picture-heavy post to help you nail the crop top trend.

Are you indulging in this trend this summer?

Author: Heli Shah

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Fling

Hallelujah! Spring is here. Time to celebrate the start of all things bright, floral and fun. 

These are of the things on my radar for this spring/summer season. A little bit (or a lot, if that's your thing) of stripes are a must for spring. A comfortable fair of cut offs paired with a comfortable grey tee and bright-fun-flats or a peek-a-boo denim dress with a pair of colorful loafers is perfect weekend dressing. For a day meeting or evening an evening with friends this shift dress will go from day-to-night look perfectly. We all need a body flattering swimsuit, don't we? The white panel in the middle is perfect to create an illusion of a hour-glass figure. Add the finishing touches with the bright lipstick, pastel nail paint, trendy sunglasses and a chic pouch and begin your spring in style!

Friday, 21 March 2014

How Bloggers Do Hats/Caps

There's been lot of fuss about how a women should be treated, what her rights are and other questions forming an endless list. Kalki Koechlin's monologue at an event on women's day, leaves you with some overpowering thoughts. To change the world. To be the change.

She mentioned how women are expected to dress in a particular way and if it's not 'acceptable' according to the 'society', we are stared at. As fashion bloggers, these glances are very common. Shooting, pouting, posing is not considered to be a job and is not taken seriously. Well, some have the freedom and confidence to dress up and ignore the world, while others are restricted and might choose to shoot in the closed environment of their house. The city you reside in also plays a major part. There are labels and unsaid rules for everything.

Taking this on a lighter note, were you a part of the era where caps, hats and fedoras were supposed to be worn only to some sports related events, or beaches? Or where the umpire's hat was the only available option in the name of hats? Everything in this big bad world is challenged and so are the fashion rules. Plain caps have been replaced by quirky ones and the umpires hat is replaced by beautiful fedoras. For your ultimate guide on how to style them, scroll down!

Would you indulge in the trend this summer?

Author: Heli Shah

Friday, 7 March 2014

Apps to make Women's life easier

Women have to handle several things at the same time and ensure that everything runs smoothly every time. For women, owning a smartphone can be a great advantage, as there are a number of apps available in the smartphone app markets with the specific needs of women in mind. While women have done fine without technology for ages, these days with the help of apps one can get more organized and anticipate, plan and accomplish goals. Whether it is health and fitness, Advises, fashion tips, taking care of lists and supplies or enhancing personal security, there is a wealth of apps for women to make their life easier.
These are a few iPhone and Android apps to put those resources at your fingertips quickly. 

Save My Soul, a multi-platform mobile application is free and available on both the ios and Android markets , is easy to download and install and simple to use in times of emergency. Among its features are a “help me now” option on the screen which immediately captures the GPS location of the user in trouble, and alerting a list of emergency contacts the user can designate after signing in. Significantly, in case of data connectivity not being available, the app switches its mode of tracking to the SMS mode where data about your location is sent out to the server of the app through an SMS. There is also a call back option where a person from the “Save my Soul” team will call the user in case the system senses that the user is in trouble. The member will then call the user. While the system sends SMSes to the friends and emergency contacts, upon no response from them, it will place a call to the police with the last known GPS location of the user

Hammer- Hammer, the online opinion generating platform for women that enables exchange of instant opinions from a global network, is available as a mobile app on Android and iOS. Hammer is a social and fun app which assists people in getting and sharing instant opinions, exchanging ideas and news on one common platform, at a moment’s notice. One can get instant opinion on your brand new look, Clothes, shoes, tattoos, ideas, lip shade, and much more. Perhaps its a greatest gift for women's to get advices and share opinion from a wide range of like-minded audience. 

Hammer’s most exciting features include the wide range of categories to choose from that touch all areas of human existence, the option of choosing the target audience for any post, sharing news and exchanging  votes instantly. The possibility of getting objective, honest and unbiased answers from users around the world has been responsible for making several social network-addicts get hooked on to this platform. The app is sure to take this number of addicts to an even higher scale. Let you know what’s trending around you on your Apple devices wherever and whenever you choose. The iOS app lets you catch up with all the action in the worlds of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. This app can definitely make your day easier by helping you decide your look for the day. Be it the latest shoe trend, hairstyles, apparel trends, accessories, or make-up trends, this app will help you with them all. You can also share interesting news and trends that appeal to you with your networks on popular social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. through this app. creates content by identifying trends across genres like entertainment, fashion and music. These short and snappy stories in the form of videos are then disseminated online through its website as well as YouTube. The USP of the channel is the fact that the content generated is not available on mainstream media and is therefore unique in nature while being topical. It is meant for viewers who are generally pressed for time and like to catch their daily dose of what’s new in the world while on the move.
Download: IOs, Android

This is a great app for keeping track of calories. It has a large database of over 2,000,000 foods. One can easily enter food details and it syncs with the web so you can easily check it on your computer. It also has a ‘Diet with your friends’ feature in which users can easily track and support each other’s progress. The app also comes with a set of over 350 exercises.
Download: iOSAndroidWindows PhoneBlackBerryWeb Dinner Spinner With this app, one can search for recipes by ingredient or by just giving the phone a shake to find a random inspiration. You can also search by dish and cooking times. Using this app you can also share recipes on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. Download: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
iPeriod/ My Days
There are many apps which allow women to track, in as little or as much detail their period and ovulation cycles. These are just some we recommend.
Download iPeriod: iOS My Days: Android